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Build Data-Driven Roadmaps Based On Product Insights

Understand what features drive retention, where adoption risks are, and discover the smart plays for your product roadmap – backed by deep data analysis.

Gainsight Analytics

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Gainsight Analytics

Drive Product Adoption Through Insights

Drill into user retention to learn what features keep users coming back

  • Uncover which features correlate with retention to create stickier experiences
  • Measure granular funnel steps of feature usage to identify where users encounter friction
  • Identify how users organically arrive at your most high-value features so you can design more impactful in-app guides

Mitigate Adoption Risks

Track user behavior to identify adoption trends by segment

  • Build custom dashboards that highlight critical KPIs around adoption trends
  • Dive into adoption analytics to discover trends and measure the impact of in-app guidance
  • Correlate feature adoption with customer lifetime value to make better product investment decisions

Trust Your Data

Leverage AI-powered, automated product mapping to eliminate data discrepancies

  • Use automated suggestion mode to tag your features without manual errors or redundancies
  • Instantly model the hierarchy of your product features to collect more granular data
  • As your product evolves, easily tag new features or adjust and backfill existing ones without engineering dependencies

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