Proactively Guide Users to Value

Creating a great product is only half the battle. Help customers adopt your product so they see the full value of your solution. Gainsight helps you increase product adoption with personalized, timely engagement in and out of your product.


increase in trial conversions


increase in feature adoption


Leverage data to bridge the gaps in your customer journey.

  • Better understand how customers are using your product by measuring usage across every module and feature
  • Track how users are moving through your product, and where they’re getting stuck, to more effectively guide them through key workflows
  • Engage customers through in-app engagements that educate and optimize user workflows
  • Enable users to access helpful guides and documentation without having to leave your product with  Knowledge Center Bots
  • Collect real-time feedback directly in your product with targeted in-app Surveys


Give personalized, timely guidance at scale.

  • Easily understand usage trends with detailed dashboards and trigger automated alerts when usage drops
  • Engage seamlessly across channels with automated journeys in Journey Orchestrator that involve email, in-person, and in-product interactions
  • Standardize proven Playbooks across your business to create a consistent process for mitigating adoption risks


Track and prove the value of your efforts.

  • Document all of your customer interactions in Timeline so team members can quickly search for interesting moments and get a read on the customer’s journey so far
  • Accurately reflect dips in customer usage on your health Scorecard and drive actionable next steps to stop risks in their tracks
  • Ensure adoption milestones are met with Success Plans that keep everyone aligned on the customer’s True North ROI metrics

“The health scorecard is massive. I can finally engineer for Customer Success and not just rely on soft skills or good situational awareness and instincts about when we should do what and how we should handle customers. Our adoption health score gives us exposure to usage risks that need our attention.”

Dino Kuckovic

Customer Experience Manager

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