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Engage Users 
Digitally, at Scale

Deploy scalable digital onboarding programs and in product tours to drive adoption and accelerate time to value.

Gainsight Engagements

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Gainsight Engagements

Onboard Users At Scale

Guide users to more a-ha product moments

  • Use the WYSIWIG editor to create beautifully branded, native-looking in-app guides, dialogs and product tours to walk users through your features
  • Deliver self-service onboarding checklists, how-to articles, and key content with embedded knowledge center bots
  • Target guides and in-app content to specific user personas or segments to create compelling, personalized experiences

Drive users to adopt golden features

Accelerate feature adoption with less friction

  • Deploy thoughtful release guides to help users adopt new features
  • Use analytics to discover areas of improvement, then quickly launch in-app guides to overcome points of friction
  • Use targeting and throttling parameters to deliver the right messages, to the right user, at the right time
Gainsight Engagements
Gainsight Engagements

Continually engage users via email

Bring inactive users back to your product

  • Re-engage users based on inactivity or product usage to drive them back to your application
  • Trigger email outreach based on user type or behavioral data, surface key outcomes or product updates at just the right time
  • Accelerate product experiences by aligning email with in-app communications for a complete product-led journey
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Dealerware drove a 260% increase in engagement with best practice content using in-app engagements.